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Opus Conservation specialises in the conservation of wall painting and other decorated architectural surfaces. Based in the UK with a portfolio of national and international experience encompassing;

Cultural heritage documentation

Condition assessment with technical and diagnostic investigation

Control and treatment of deterioration in wall paintings and other decorated architectural surfaces

We have experience of a range of historical periods and in a variety of media from Victorian to Ancient Egyptian paintings. Our team is active in research and development of the latest art historical study, digital documentation techniques, analytical tools and treatment methodologies.

Our philosophy is to offer a holistic approach to conservation that includes everything from the assessment of deterioration phenomena and identification of the causes of deterioration to the development of targeted investigation and treatment methodologies.

We undertake comprehensive assessment of condition; defining and mapping deterioration and damage to build a thorough understanding of current condition. This informs diagnostic investigations and subsequent treatment proposals and interventions. We also carry out art historical and physical history research in order to better understand current condition.



Opus discuss technical imaging at the Painted Hall, Greenwich

Conservation of the Royal Gallery wall paintings in the House of Lords

Conservation of the Royal Gallery wall paintings in the House of Lords

Opus discuss technical imaging at the Painted Hall, Greenwich




Opus work with a network of conservation professionals and organisations so that we can provide a comprehensive service in the documentation, investigation and conservation of decorated architectural surfaces.

Our team have experience working with a range of institutions including The Courtauld Institue of Art, University College London The Palace of Westminster, Historic Royal Palaces and The Getty Conservation Institute.

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Our clients include


The Houses of Parliament

Historic England

Historic Royal Palaces

Parish churches

Old Royal Naval College


Our team has experience working with a range of international conservation organisations including



The Getty Conservation Institute

The Courtauld Institute of Art

University College London

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